[NA] Emperor-World [5x][PVE][Starter-Kit][Lifetime]

[NA] Emperor-World [5x][PVE][Starter-Kit][Lifetime]

About [NA] Emperor-World [5x][PVE][Starter-Kit][Lifetime]

Newly launched SoulMask Life Time Server + 50 Players Slots

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Server Name:
[NA] Emperor-World [5x][PVE][Starter-Kit][Lifetime]

IP Address

Max Load Weight Increased: 2x
Max Character Backpack Slots: 256 Max

Collecting/Logging/Mining: 5x
Mask Exp Increased: 2x
Character Exp: 5x
Mask & Proficiency Exp: 3x
Taming Speed: 5x
Crafting Speed: 5x
Crop Growth: 3x
Animal Growth: 2x
Automated Production: 2x
Tribe Recruitment: 100 Max
Max Clan Size: 5 Clan

Death Package Timer = 5x (2.5 Hours)
Bonfire Consumption Speed = 0.5x
Food & Items Decay Coefficient = 0.5x
Durability Consumption = 0.5x
Food/Water/Fuel Consumption = 0.5x

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Frequently asked questions about the [NA] Emperor-World [5x][PVE][Starter-Kit][Lifetime] Soulmask server.

What is the ip for the [NA] Emperor-World [5x][PVE][Starter-Kit][Lifetime] Server?

The IP:Port address for [NA] Emperor-World [5x][PVE][Starter-Kit][Lifetime] is

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