About Morterrus

Dedicated PVE server

~Slots on Server: 15 (will update as needed)

~Server Location: USA EAST

~Server Restarts: 00:00/12:00 (EST)

~Mods: AGF Server Side Complete V5, A21 Server-Side Vehicles

~ 3x Loot, 1x Exp, 3x Skill Points

~ 3 claim blocks per player.

~Horde frequency every 14days (W/ 2-day variance either direction. It can fall between every 12-16 days)

~ Loot respawns every 5th day

~Building/Poi refresh every 5th day (unless claim block is there)

~Land Claim size: 70

~1 in game day/night cycle = 2 Hrs Real Life.

~Day Length 04:00-20:00

~Night Length 20:00-04:00

~Air drops every 72 hrs (In game)

POI TAKE OVER is only permitted to low level POI. (Level 1’s or lower). Disregard for this will result in claim block being deleted and storage being unlocked for the next looter that comes along.

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