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About PromNET ARK Server

Welcome to the website of the PromNET ARK game server!
Are you ready for the adventure?

Join us for an exciting ARK survival adventure on this game server! Whether you hit the wilderness alone or join a tribe with friends, there are plenty of challenges and discoveries waiting for you.

What do we offer?

Custom settings: The game experience has been adapted to the server settings to provide an even more exciting and balanced game.

Active community: A community of friendly and helpful players awaits you, with whom you have discovered the mysteries of the island.

Regular events: We add color to the game with special events and challenges so that it is never boring.

Easy connection: You do not have to register on the site to use the server, but it is recommended! By connecting your Stream account, you can get benefits by purchasing packages on the server!

Join us!


Are you ready to survive?

Best regards,

PromNET Hosting team

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