[US] OriginRust - 5x Biweekly

[US] OriginRust - 5x Biweekly

About [US] OriginRust - 5x Biweekly

✘ Biweekly server wipes.
✘ Offline raids blocked 24/7 on workdays.
- Enabled from 6PM-9PM (CST) on Fridays/Saturdays.
✘ Custom world map! What country will you take over?
✘ High performance machines. You'll never lag!
✘ Premium plugins and mods that you've never seen before!
✘ Active non-playing admins make sure everything is running smoothly.
✘ In game shop, spend your points with /shop!
✘ Clans / Events / Raidable Bases / Skinbox / Convoy

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