Pure PVE server.
200% Loot.
150% XP.
Loot respawn 7 days.
Vehicles respawn every 7 days.
Starter Crate.
Multi seat vehicles.

Custom generated 8k map.
Mega sized cities with lots of sky scrapers.
Large flat areas perfect for builders/Community creators.
Deadly airdrop ( be careful of airdrops)

Current Mods (all mods are server side)

96 slot backpack.
2 perks per level.
More crafting slots in work benches.
3 slots in forges.
More mod slot in armour/weapons.
Craft-able solar bank and panels (Quality 5).
3D Zombie health bars.
Custom HUD.
HD tools, Scrap tools, and upgraded Augers/Chainsaws.
Decor Mod.
30k Stacks.
Craft-able wooden and Metal spikes have returned (crating mats increased so they are expensive).
7 Custom Vehicles, Army Truck, ATV, Hellbeast, Raft, Sled, Jetpack, Armoured Car, HellHound 4x4, Hellspikey 4x4, Helldog, SHARKBLIMP.
Junction Box for wireless wiring.
Vehicle Re-spawner.
Multi seat vehicles.

Current Settings

In game Store, Kill zombies, get paid, buy ammo, kill more zombies :)
2 Land claims per player, 100x100 blocks, No decay.
3 teleport locations plus /sethome
Discord-in game cross chat (working but a little spammy in discord, work in progress)

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