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Forteca- Pure Vanilla

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Community server – free and easy to join.
Vanilla. All info on website and discord.

Our Modded server – Hard Modded ip IP:
Started 04.02.2024 – 170 mods also donnor mods .

Forteca info :
Ave ! Forteca was founded more than two decades ago in the Internet caffe RedNeT. For some time at the beginning we were called Hunters group, in all those years we played a lot of social and competitive games. Some of us stick together for all this time and hopefully more to come. We are looking forward to our future as a growing and successful international gaming community. We are open for any cooperation and any games. If you are a lone wolf or a pack this is a right place to stay and have a great time. Don’t hesitate and feel free to ask us any questions. Join up group up let your adventure begins now.

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