RustyNutz 【200x】 NoBPS|Backpacks|Kits|Loot++

RustyNutz 【200x】 NoBPS|Backpacks|Kits|Loot++

About RustyNutz 【200x】 NoBPS|Backpacks|Kits|Loot++

Welcome to RustyNutz 【200x】 NoBP's!

✦ 【Scrap-Based Offline Raid Protection!】
✦ 【━► Can still be Raided ◄━】
✦ 【NO Private Steam Profiles】
✦ 【NO VAC or Game Bans!】
✦ 【Join the Discord Server - Press ESC then View Webpage】

✦ Active Non-Playing Admins/Mods!
✦ Heavily boosted Loot to ensure tons of PvP and Raiding!
✦ Clans welcome! Member Limit 24! (Team UI Limit: 24)
✦ Build massive Bases with Symmetry! Pay very low upkeep!
✦ Reduced the need to Farm or Craft! NO Temperature Damage!
✦ Don't need a Workbench to craft Items + Instant Craft!
✦ Tons of Kits to choose from!
✦ Faster Sleeping Bag Cooldowns and Supply Drop Speeds!
✦ Loot Magnet for Barrels and Roadsigns!
✦ 5 minute Timers on ALL Hackable Crates!
✦ Always Hotspot for Nodes and Trees!

✦ Spawn all Helicopters in w/ Unlimited Fuel: /mymini /myheli /myattk
✦ Instant Startup & Takeoff +Turrets for Minis!
✦ Predator & Homing Missiles! Save TP Locations at Monuments!
✦ Auto Auth/Doors/Locks, TP, Convoy, Raidable Bases, SkinBox, Remover Tool!
✦ Powerless Electronics/Powerless Rocket, etc Turrets!
✦ Supreme Backpacks with 3-6 pages of Storage!
✦ Item Perks Plugin used to

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