Kittyverse PVP/PVE

Kittyverse PVP/PVE

About Kittyverse PVP/PVE

Server Info and settings.

PvE Server =
PvP Server =

PvE Server has been open and active since week 1 without issues.
PvP Server is ** FRESH AS OF 2/16/2024 **

No Wipes!! Come build your army now, be the best player on the server and get rewarded.

- PvE Edition - Join the Adventure!


- No backdooring or racism.
- No exploiting or griefing.
- Have a blast!
- Treat others with respect.
- No griefing or exploits.
- Fun is key!
- Help newcomers but no begging.
- Return borrowed pals.
- Contact staff for assistance.
- Foster a positive atmosphere.

Server Settings

- Hard difficulty
- Decreased Catch % to increase hard mode
- Pal Spawns x2 to increase hard mode.
- Instant Egg Hatching.
- Weekend Events.
- Auto base demo after 72 hours ( Login to reset the timer once every 72 hours ) this is to clear inactive guilds.
- 20 pal limit working
- 64 page pal box
- Drop items on death, pals saved
- Active Trade Channel in Discord.
- Strong Anti-Cheat

PvP Edition - Battle for Glory!


- No backdooring or racism.
- No exploiting or griefing.
- Fair play in guild wars.
- No combat logging.
- KOS - You are subject to PVP when you

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The IP:Port address for Kittyverse PVP/PVE is

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